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Hello :] awesome layout, any ways how are you?

Posted by TaintedSakura on Sep 7, 07 9:55 pm · History

hey whats up dude what program do you use to vector just asking?

Posted by HazyBaby on Aug 24, 07 10:36 pm · History

The girl I used is the first name in the credits list. I fell in love with her photo myself.

Posted by FoxLucky on Aug 10, 07 6:44 am · History

Hey, thanks for the layout comment.

Whoa, your cB profile is awesome. I like your vector, too.

Posted by markmejia on Aug 8, 07 11:44 pm · History

hola! What have you been up to this summer?

Posted by luku on Aug 8, 07 2:49 pm · History

thank you for the banner comment...^ ^

Posted by na-nancy on Aug 8, 07 10:07 am · History

hey. thanx for the add. nice profile layout. it looks amazing!

Posted by gabieANARCHY on Aug 8, 07 1:40 am · History


Posted by luku on Aug 7, 07 4:10 pm · History

Thank you! =D

Posted by YourSuperior on Aug 6, 07 10:21 pm · History

Aww thanks! keke. You have a really nifty layout too! I love your header. Its so retro =)

Posted by IBangBaby on Aug 6, 07 9:53 pm · History

And thanks for the add!

Posted by YourSuperior on Aug 6, 07 9:52 pm · History

Wow, your layout is totally awesome!

Posted by YourSuperior on Aug 6, 07 9:52 pm · History

Hello, I'm sang. (= Thanks for the add. You're layout looks GREAT! I love the header and you're vector. xD

Posted by Relentless on Aug 4, 07 3:54 pm · History

I don't block the add... Something is wrong with myspace and it is having issues with DIVS, at least that's what I was told...

Posted by FoxLucky on Aug 3, 07 11:17 pm · History

awesome layout, and thanks for the comment

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Aug 3, 07 2:11 pm · History

hey... thanks for the add

Posted by elvylyts on Jul 25, 07 2:12 am · History

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